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"Jesus Christ, the Liberator of mankind,
is the everlasting and ever flowing source of all the good things
that come to us from the infinite bounty of God;
so that He who has once saved the world
is He who will save it throughout all ages;

"for there is no other name under heaven given to men
whereby we must be saved."
(Acts 4:12)

If then the human race fall into sin,
either through its natural propensities or through the faults of men,
it is absolutely indispensable to have recourse to Jesus Christ
and to recognize in Him the most powerful and the most sure means of salvation.

For so great and so efficacious is the divine virtue of Christ’s teachings
that it is at once a refuge from all dangers and a remedy for all evils.

And the cure is certain, if mankind returns to the profession of Christian doctrine
and to the rules of life laid down by the Gospel."
(Pope Leo XIII, Auspicato Concessum, n.6)


It was with this great truth in mind and heart that St. Francis founded the Order of Friars Minor, the Poor Clares, and the Third Order of Penance, almost 800 years ago.


It is with this same spirit that The Franciscan Archive brings to you its collection of


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The current project underway is the publication of an English translation of St. Bonaventure's Commentaries on the Four Books of Sentances of Peter Lombard, according to the critical edition prepared by the Quarrachi Editors.

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