Other Famous Personages in Franciscan History
who were not Franciscan saints

For a Database on Poor Clares and other Franciscan Women Religious see Franciscan Women:  History and Culture, c/o Franciscan Institute, at Saint Bonaventure University.


In Alphabetical Order


Pope Alexander IV c/o CE

Padre Allegra: a missionary to China in the 20th Century

Cimabue , one of the artists who worked on the Basilica of St. Francis, in Assisi (courtesy of Guida Artistica a Firenze )

A Biography of Cimabue in Italian / English

For paintings by Cimabue, see the Art & Architecture section.

Friar Flaminius Annibali de Latera c/o CE

il Servo di Dio, P. Arsenio da Trigolo, OFM Cap.: vita & scritti

The Peter Aureoli Homepage: the famous Franciscan theologian

PDF Files of His Works

Peter Aureoli, c/o the Catholic Encyclopedia

On the Cognition of Singulars, by Peter Aureoli (Scriptum d. 35, a. 4), Latin Text.

On the Light of Divine Illumination, by Peter Aureoli (Scriptum, Proemium, q. 2), English Translation.

Pope St. Celestine V , who granted the spirituals autonomy c/o CE

Papa Celestino V: il fondatore dei Celestini

Pope Clement V , who attempted to reconcile the Community and the spirituals c/o CE

Christopher Columbus, a member of the Third Order of Penance

for a complete listing of URLs available, see the complete Internet Guide to Christopher Columbus

Dante Alighieri, a member of the Third Order of Penance

Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629) , a WWW resource on Dante and his writings

Writings of Dante Alighiere, Latin & Italiano c/o Intratext

Dante Alighieri

La Divina Commedia

            Inferno:  recitation in original Italian, by Vittorio Grassman, c/o RAI International

ILTweb: Dante's Divine Comedy, choose from 3 famous English translations

Dante: A Portrait

109 Poems by Dante Alighieri (in italian)

La Vita Nuova (in italian)

IN PRAECLARA SUMMORUM : Encyclical of Pope Benedict XV on Dante Alighieri

Opuscula Latina  c/o (BA)

De vulgari eloquentia
De monarchia
Quaestio de aqua et terra


Pope Gregory IX , who was the protector and friend of St. Francis and his Order c/o CE

The Decretals of Pope Gregory IX: in Latin HTML & MSWord97

Robert Grosseteste: Bishop of Lincoln, an Lecturer for the Franciscans at Oxford c. 1230 A.D.

A magnificent resource on the life and writings of Bishop Grosseteste can be found at The Electronic Grosseteste

An Excerpt from De Cessatione Legalium of Robert Grosseteste (in Español BEBF)

Being a consideration of Cur Deus Homo

Pope Honorius III , who approved the Rule in its final form c/o CE

Pope Innocent III , who first approved the Rule of St. Franicis c/o CE

St. Joan of Arc a cordbearer of St. Francis c/o CE

Saint Joan of Arc Center, Albuquerque, N.M.

Medieval fresco shows the real Joan of Arc

International Joan of Arc Society: WWW repository of scholarly and pedagogic information about Joan of Arc collected by faculty, independent scholars, and students


La condemnation de Jeanne d’Arc: A Site in French all about St. Joan’s trial

Pope Blessed Innocent V ,  (Friar Peter of Tarentaise, O. P.), friend and associate of St. Bonaventure c/o CE

Pope Bl. Innocent XI , an avid and zealous reformer of the Church c/o CE

This pope is the only Incorrupt Pope after the Council of Trent, before St. Pius X: he is entombed at St. Peter in the side altar directly opposite the Nave from St. Pius X.

Friar Jacopone da Todi , an adherent of the spirituals and famous poet c/o CE

107 Poems by Friar Jacopone da Todi

Pope John XXII , who condemned the spirituals and michelists, including the nominalist/heretic Friar William of Occam c/o CE

Peter John of Olivi, the Franciscan Spiritual whose writings were condemned by the Council of Vienne

Pope Leo X , who divided the Order of Friars Minor into two in 1517 c/o CE

Fra Luca Pacioli, OFM Conv., who invented the science of Accounting & Bookkeeping.

Friar Luke Wadding, the famous author of the Annales Minorum

La Biografia de Fray Mamerto Esquiú, por el Dr. Pablo Barral Steiner de La Plata, ARGENTINA


con 2 fotografias


con un enlace a el Sermón del Servo de Dios

Laetamur de gloria vestra

pronunciado en la Iglesia matriz de Catamarca, por el reverendo padre lector, fray Mamerto Esquiú,de la orden de San Francisco,
con motivo de la jura de la Constitución Nacional,el 9 de julio de 1853
, por Professor Urquiza Denis  

Pope Martin V , who gave formal approval to the establishment of the Observant Community c/o CE

Francis de Marchia, OFM see under Theology Section

Father Antonio Margil, O.F.M.


The Miraculous Tree of Crosses of Fr. Antonio Margil, O. F. M.

Thirsting for the Absolute:  The Life and Writings of Frère Marie Emmanuel del la Croix

Pope Nicholas III , who gave the most detailed explanation of the Rule c/o CE

Friar Antoine Pagi , the famous Conventual historian c/o CE

Friar François Pagi , the famous Conventual historian c/o CE

Friar Peter of Candia, O.F.M. (later Pope Alexander V)


with links to biography, image, Commentary on Peter of Lombard’s Book of Sentences (Latin)

Peter Reginaldetus

For a complete list of links and writings see the Inernet Guide to Peter Reginaldetus

Simon Tunsted: 29th Provincial of the OFM in England; theologian, philosopher, musician c/o CE

Pope Sixtus IV, a Conventual Friar Minor, who canonized St. Bonaventure c/o CE

Pope Sixtus V , a Conventual Friar Minor, who declared St. Bonaventure a doctor of the Church c/o CE

Frá Toribio da Benavente, OFM (1490 ca.-1569), di Francesco Pappalardo, c/o Amicizia Christiana (Italiana)

Friar Ubertino da Casale , a leading member of the party of the spirituals c/o CE

Umbertino da Casale, the Spiritual Leader who left the Order, refusing to accept the Papal decrees on the Rule of St. Francis

Fr. Valentine Long, O.F.M.: a tribute to a saintly Franciscan, by James Likoudis

Fr. Valentine Schaaf, OFM : A biographical-photographic tribute to the memory of the first OFM Minister General from the USA.

Friar William of Ockham , a proponent of the Michaelist party who opposed John XXII by exaggerating the authority of his predecessors. Ockham was an ardent nominalist, and his influence brought a confusing end to the period of Scholasticism. A great number of modern scholars study Ockham, because he was the first to deny Papal Authority, and thus they find in him a fellow dissident. This article is c/o CE


Pontifical Documents whose composition was greatly influenced by Franciscan Theology


These can be found in multiply language versions at the Vatican Website: http://www.vatican.va/.

Ineffabilis Deus:  December 8, 1854 A.D.


The Apostolic Constitution of Ven. Pope Pius IX on the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary; it draws directly from the theology of Bl. John Duns Scotus.


E Supremi:  October 4, 1903 A.D.


The Encyclical of Pope St. Pius X on the Restoration of all things in Christ

Ad Diem Illum Laetissumum Feb 2, 1904

The Encyclical of Pope St. Pius X on the 50th Anniversary of the Dogmatic Definition of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

English Text

Quas Primas: December 11, 1925 A.D.

The Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on the establishment of the Feast of Christ the King

Munificentissimus Deus: November 1, 1950 A.D.

The Encyclical of Pope Pius XII defining the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary



Things especially propagated by the Franciscans throughout their history

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary c/o CE

The Way of the Cross c/o CE

The Holy Name of Jesus , propagated by St. Bernadine of Siena c/o CE

The Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus in Latin and English

The Franciscan Crown, The Rosary of Our Lady's Seven Joys




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