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This non-profit corporation, founded by the benefactors of Br. Alexis Bugnolo, sees to any need brother may have in his effort to restore the Ancient Observance of the Rule of St. Francis, by means of the establishment of a community of men religious, brothers & priests. (see News, here in the Right Column, and for more information, above in the link on the main navigation page of this site, on Traditional Franciscan Life)


























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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


Brother Alexis BugnoloI humbly ask for your help.  I am a traditional, Franciscan brother, who observes the Rule of St. Francis in the ancient manner, that is, without mitigations, according to the doctrine of the Roman Pontiffs, especially the great, St. Innocent XI (c. 1670 A.D.), who declared the ancient observance, « forever valid ».


Some of these observances were the non-use of money, the non-ownership of property or of means of transportation, the exclusive use of the Ancient Roman Rite, an apostolate among the people, devotion to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, etc..


For the love of Jesus Christ and His Immaculate Mother, I have dedicated myself to the holy cause of restoring this Ancient Observance.


For years I have searched for a place to build a monastery, with permission of the local Roman Catholic Bishop.


To this end, inspired in prayer to go to Sicily, by God’s Providence I have recently arrived at the vacant Monastery of S. Maria Scala del Paradiso, outside Noto, in the Province of Siracusa, Italia.


Here I will be for the summer of 2010 A.D..


Since I do not have the need to build a monastery at the present, I ask that donations to this fund cease; the Monastery Fund itself will continue to raise funds if need be.


But instead of removing this page about the fund, which might cause alarm, I am leaving it up.


Be assured of my prayers.


Vocations can contact me at the address on the Contact Page of this website.


Sincerey in Christ,


Br. Alexis Bugnolo