The Franciscan Archive has undertaken the Apostolate of publishing in English translation the great Franciscan summa of theology, known as St. Bonaventure’s Commentaries on the Four Books of Master Peter Lombard.  Written from 1250-1252 A. D., at the University of Paris, this outstanding work of theology has been hailed by numerous Popes, Saints and theologians, for the brilliance of its insight and fidelity to the Catholic Faith.

This work, heretofore, has never been translated in its entirety in any modern language.  To publish the entire 4 volume work, which comprises nearly 3900 pages, The Franciscan Archive is being assisted by Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., a Massachusetts IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, which just recently published the first volume (click image to the right for more information), which is being distributed to raise the funds necessary to repay the debt for its publication.  The First Tome contained the Seraphic Doctor’s treatise on the Most Holy Trinity.

To publish the Second Volume, which will expound St. Bonaventure’s theology on Creation, Save Old St. Mary’s Inc. is issuing this challenge to the lovers of Saints Francis and Bonaventure throughout the world, to raise the estimated $40,000.00 USD necessary.

This Second Volume will be as a brilliant light in darkness, seeing that it contains the exposition of the Catholic Faith regarding the Creation of the World in 6 days, the Creation and Fall of Angels and Men; topics which are nearly never taught in Catholic Seminaries and Universities in modern times.

If you would like to assist in the publication of this Second Volume, please make a donation today, by either using the PayPal button on the right, or sending your USA tax-deductible donation to:

S.O.S.M., Inc.
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